Chaining dogs is inhumane & should be banned in Europe!

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Mission Statement

We are committed to raising awareness and speaking out against the barbaric act of chaining 'man's best friend'. No dog should be born to endure a life of imprisonment on the end of a chain. Chaining causes physical and psychological damage to dogs  by preventing them from moving around or socializing with other dogs and people. Chained dogs often become aggressive as a means of defence and through frustration. No civilized society should condone such behaviour. Chaining dogs in Europe should become illegal and stopped.

About Us

'Zeus' was rescued from a life chained up in Spain. In 2013, to re-socialize and train him we walked 800km of the 'Camino de Santiago' which proved to be the perfect means of rehabilitation. Due to witnessing hundreds of chained Spanish dogs along the route, in 2014 we walked the Camino once again. To raise awareness the trip was filmed and Stop Chaining information leaflets distributed in Spanish. Short videos of the walk can be viewed on the next page. An epic adventure on the Camino with 8 dogs has just been completed this year. Videos can be seen on the 'Camino 2015' web page.