Chaining a dog up  24/7 is inhumane & should be banned!

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Mission Statement

We are committed to raising awareness and speaking out against the barbaric act of chaining 'man's best friend'. No dog should be born to endure a life of imprisonment on the end of a chain. Chaining causes physical and psychological damage to dogs  by preventing them from moving around or socializing with other dogs and people. Chained dogs often become aggressive as a means of defence and through frustration. No civilized society should condone such behaviour. Chaining dogs in Spain and elsewhere in Europe should be banned outright.

About Us

'Zeus' was rescued from a life permanently chained up in the corner of a field. To re-socialize and train him we walked 800km of the 'Camino de Santiago' which proved to be the perfect means of rehabilitation. Like most rural areas of Spain, the tradition of chaining dogs up outside is widespread. They remain permanently tethered to a short chain, alongside a bucket of water and if they are lucky some form of shelter from the elements. Chained dogs seldom receive veterinary attention or access to good quality food. Zeus has walked a further 6 Caminos alongside many formerly chained and abandoned dogs to guide them through their rehabilitation and to help raise awareness against the barbaric act of chaining.

Video: Part 1 - 'An introduction to what it means to chain up a dog 24/7'

Video: Part 2 - 'European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals'

Photos: A few of the many thousands of dogs that remain permanently chained up in Spain